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Energy Emission Survey

Swagelok Energy Emission Survey

Energy management is an important part of running any business. It is crucial to know that the systems you rely on are efficient and running properly. Leakage at any location always has costs associated to it and causes lost production and inefficient operations. These costs may be in the form of lost fluid, equipment failure, downtime, maintenance costs, or accidents and environmental hazards. By identifying and fixing leaks, your fluid system is more efficient and your business more profitable.

The method chosen for detecting leakage in gas systems is through the use of Ultraprobe 9000 leak detector, which is a versatile instrument with many features that makes inspections easy, fast and accurate. This device is utilized to receive air-borne ultrasound such as the ultrasounds emitted by the turbulence of pressure/vacuum leaks and electrical discharges. The Ultraprobe 9000 can sense any type of gas leak.

Our trained service staff can provide an on-site energy survey to test the performance of the assemblies and connections you have in place. Be it a refinery, petrochemical plant, gas distribution system inside an R&D laboratory, CNG station or even a CNG vehicle fleet. Swagelok associates would be happy to audit your facility, analyze your installations and provide a detailed report on methods of improvement. Upon completion of the survey, you will receive a detailed report including all connections tested and any issues found. In addition to the survey report, our staff is available for an in-depth review of your fluid system performance.

The benefits of an emission survey include:
- reduce rework
- recrease maintenance and leak repairs
- reduce waste and lost energy at your facility
- save money on labor and energy costs

Contact us today to schedule an Energy Emission Survey at your facility.